New Zealand Fly Fishing Guides - Ben Kemp

New Zealand Fly Fishing Guides - Ben Kemp

Lake Brunner

"Where the Brown Trout Die of Old Age!"

New Zealand

Thai Food...


Thai-style food and/or Kiwi cuisine crafted from fresh local ingredients, shared with your host. 


Thai Food Kingfisher Lodge Lake Brunner

Fresh Trout Sashimi

Our Japanese guests are emphatic that fresh trout makes the best sashimi they've ever eaten! We also serve "hot-smoked" trout as a delicious entree.




Thai-style Teppan-yaki barbeque

Hot soup is the centre-piece, and we barbeque beef, chicken, pork and fish portions, served with fresh vegetables and Jasmine fragrant rice. 

Tod Mun Pla - spicy Thai fish cakes, made from fresh trout fillets, are a real favourite here as an entree. Served with sweet chilli sauce... 


Fresh brown trout makes a wonderful meal, when prepared by a master....




- your choice of 

  • Cooked - A hearty "Fisherman's Breakfast" of bacon, sausages, eggs (fried, scrambled or poached), mushrooms, chilli beans, onions & tomato, with either white or whole-meal toast etc. 

  • Continental - cereals, fruit, toast & jam

  • Pancakes.... 

  • Chef's Special - Thai-style rice porridge, garnishing with smoked fish, garlic, lemon and chilli


Served with Orange Juice and the choice of Coffee, Tea or Milo




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