New Zealand Fly Fishing Guides - Ben Kemp

New Zealand Fly Fishing Guides - Ben Kemp

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5th generation local guide Ben Kemp

New Zealand Fly Fishing Guide  Service -  Lake Brunner region 

New Zealand fly fishing guide Taupos provides all-inclusive fly fishing trips & tours for trophy wild brown trout in the Lake Brunner region of New Zealand.  Features include sight-fishing, wading or drift boat, and accommodation, meals, and equipment can be included in our packages. Freestone rivers, spring creeks & still-waters. Contact Us to book a 100% NZ flyfishing experience! 

Reference: "In early March, 2004, my friend and I spent 3 wonderful days fishing with Ben Kemp as our guide (and host) on Lake Brunner and on the nearby Lake Poerua. Be forewarned, if you fish with him, you will be spoiled for fishing anywhere else or with anyone else forever;

  1. First of all, the fly fishing for brown trout in Lake Brunner is incredible - in my case 19 trout in one day, all over 2 lbs.

  2. Second, he is the hardest working and most personable guide imaginable.

We stayed with him and his wife in their home and we could not imagine a more friendly atmosphere (including great food and wine). Oh, to be back! Dale Meier, Midland, Michigan, USA"

Client Reference

New Zealand Fly Fishing Guide

We've provided a detailed fly fishing information guide on this site to help you prepare for your trip to New Zealand. Items covered include; - fly fishing equipment, sight-fishing techniques (trout-spotting and stalking), casting requirements, FAQ's guide's secrets, locations, line to leader connections. We also provide information on NZ culture, Maori and European history, and the legendary West Coast explorer Thomas Brunner and much, much more!

Summers Coming...

The odds are, its going to be a good one, and here are three good reasons why that's so;

  1. The long term weather forecast predicts it will be generally drier in the West and that is always a positive indicator!

  2. We are overdue for a good cicada hatch...

  3. Last summer's beech seed production was much higher than previous years. For those who don't understand the implications of that - think mice... big fat mice, falling into streams... and that's why our brown trout quickly grow to such a huge size!  

Summer Fishing Report

New Zealand Fly Fishing Guide's offer;

Comfortable accommodation, superb meals, top-quality equipment & safe transportation. 

Money back guarantee if not satisfied with these aspects of your trip! 

Sparsely Populated - A region  600 kilometre long with a population barely 30,000! 
Accessible Wilderness - 77% of the region is heavily forested & mountainous - National Park, State Forest, & Scenic Reserve! Lakes, rivers and streams abound. 
100% local guides - our guides were born here, and have a lifetime of experience in local waters!....
24/7 Fishing, 365 days per Year!!!

New Record Set! David Jaquith lands 21 brown trout in 1 day, beating record set 1 week earlier by Fred Sutler (landed 17 trout on 12/Jan/2004!) New Lake Brunner record set  March 2004 by 82yr old Dale Meier!

Latest Angling Reports - Dec 
New Zealand Fly Fishing Guides - Fishing Report

Audio Intro!

Didymo Algae Infestation

View the latest information and learn about preventative measures.

Winter Fishing - May - Sept

Winter fishing opportunities in detail.

Independent Reviews!

Check out the June 2003  "Angling Report" newsletters story about us!

Guide Profile- Ben Kemp 
Why you should choose me to guide you when in our region!  

Guide to NZ Fishing 
Everything you need to know about fishing in New Zealand.

 Local Weather   

Don't Move!

Don’t move, don’t even twitch” Treebeard murmured. Eight feet away, in about twelve inches of water, a three and a half pound brown trout warily eyed the two unfamiliar lumps on the horizon of its small backwater. After several hundred subjective years, or a few objective minutes, it slowly resumed its elliptical patrol of the 100 foot long 80 foot wide, slowly moving, backwater on a New Zealand West Coast river....

Click HERE for more...

(A story from the summer of 2002/2003,

by Ed Kelliher ©.)

Going Wild In The Land Of The Long White Cloud

You’ll never catch fish in New Zealand by yourself.” Repeatedly, this was the message I received when doing my exhaustive homework before setting out Down Under for the trip of a lifetime. The internet was trawled. I wanted browns, I wanted the majestic scenery of the South Island, and I wanted to know how on earth to go about it....

Click HERE for more...


(A story from the summer of 2003/2004

by Alistair Eykyn ©)

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